Left Field NYC ~ Atlas Vidalia Mills 14 oz Denim in Raw Indigo

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-14 oz. Indigo Vidalia Mills red line selvedge Raw denim
-27% indigo Warp
-Made with the original Cone White Oak Draper X3 looms
-100% E3 certified sustainable American grown cotton
-Inside rivets and tacks
-American made Universal copper and brass hardware
-Left Field Coal Miner pigment bandana pocket bags
-Crafted with pride in the USA


Vidalia Mills is the first new selvedge Denim Mill in the US, since Cone White Oak began over 100 years ago located in Vidalia, Louisiana. They are in Partnership with BASF Agriculture Services producing quality denim using e3, certified sustainable American cotton and can trace each roll of denim back to the American Farm it was grown on.

The Atlas Jean has a similar top block to the greaser with plenty of room for those with muscular thighs but want a tapered leg opening.

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