Amanda Smith- The Bear and the Balloon


Series: Finding Lost Light
Title: The Bear and the Balloon
Edition: 1/10
5″ x 5″, Framed 9″ x 9″
Pigment Ink on Kozo, White Gold Leaf, Cold Wax

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Artist Statement:
I have created a series of photographs based on the idea of light being a character in the composition; a capricious, playful, irrepressible gathering of moon glow, stardust, fireworks or candlelight. The images are printed on kozo, gold-leafed and lovingly finished with cold wax.
“Light and the play of it and its effects on what the camera sees has always been what I have been trying to capture since my early days working with pinhole cameras, which understand light much better than shapes and shadow. In these images I have intentionally added a sprinkling of light as one would powder sugar on a cookie, fireflies on a summer night or sequins on a gown: the bits and flashes appearing on the images like a gregarious, luminous tribe.” Amanda Smith, November, 2019