Slightly Alabama


If there's one thing that drives me each day, it's simply the opportunity to be in my studio designing and making products. My passion for the heritage of hand craftsmanship and my role in continuing the tradition is what excites and motivates me to build a brand that lasts and a team prepared to continue a great tradition. We stick to traditional techniques because, much like an artist painting a canvas or vocalist singing an aria, we love the process as much as the final product.


My story begins in Decatur and Sheffield, Alabama, where my family's from and still live. But I moved to Titusville, Florida when I was a child—a place I love and not very different from the small towns in north Alabama where I spent much of my childhood. Our company is based in New York City where I now live and work. And while the foundation of my story is in the Deep South, it's as much about all the places I've lived in and all the places that inspire me as it is about my home in Alabama.