Left Field NYC

Left Field NYC

Left Field was started back in 1998, a time when American-made clothing was practically unheard of. Back then, the word "vintage" was only used to describe pieces that were actually old, and the brands that dominated menswear were as inspiring as the local Walmart.

Growing up, I used to go to antique flea markets with my family, and became obsessed with the craftsmanship and detail of things from the past. As I got older, I felt there was a need to bridge the gap between what used to be handcrafted, but was now being mass produced.

Left Field grew out of small shotgun apartments and lofts throughout Brooklyn. Every step of its growth I was personally a part of, from carrying rolls of fabrics in the back of my truck, and then up and down elevators in the Garment District, to climbing over bags of clothing to get out of bed.

Although the brand has been through many phases over the years, making quality, American clothing that our grandfathers would be proud of has always been my number one concern.

  • Christian McCann, Founder Left Field NYC