Glenn's Denim


Glenn’s Denim is the culmination of Glenn Liburd’s 30-year infatuation with denim, and his commitment to mastering the art and craft of making the world’s best jeans. After a career spent working behind the scenes designing, cutting, and sewing for others, at the age of 62 Glenn launched his first collection under his own name in 2019. The Glenn’s collection takes its cue from the rich fabric of American subcultures, particularly that of the 1970’s and 80’s when the streets of American cities like New York and San Francisco were breeding ground for radical new music, art, and culture. Punk was emerging on the Bowery. Hip Hop was making waves in Harlem. And, a new avant-garde of artists were emerging in Soho lofts. Denim was so often the uniform of choice for this diverse group of young innovators and rebels – it was a perfect blank canvas to express oneself. This was the exciting world that inspired Glenn, through movies, music, and magazines, while he was growing up in Trinidad.